Time For Change

                             Jacket: Levis; Dress: Vintage; Crown: Handmade; Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

As the season starts to change from summer to fall, I am finding myself wanting change too. I've revamped my website, which includes moving my blog over from Blogger, I've given serious thought to my design process and the types of designs I should be creating, and I have moving to a new city on my mind 24/7. Things always tend to get a little overwhelming for me when there are changes coming about. 

One huge thing weighing down on me  is trying to decided what direction to take my blog and business. I absolutely love fashion and creating works of art, but I I have not seen the results I have wanted for years, and it gets to be a bit discouraging at times. I am constantly teetering between the idea of my blog being just a fun side project, or a serious extension of my business. But whatever this little blog adventure of mine turns out to be, I'm really happy  and thankful for those of you who have stuck by me to see what I come up with next. 

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the little things? Or maybe know some good tips on how to pull yourself out of a rut? Comment below and share. I'm sure I'm not the only one who will appreciate the advice!