DIY Christmas Tree Piñata

This year for Christmas I decided to start a new tradition. Instead of stuffing stockings, I am going to fill piñatas with tons of random goodies and whack them open on Christmas day! I made two different piñatas for me and my fiance, and we have both been filling each others with fun little surprises every day. If you want to join in on my new holiday tradition, I can show you how to make your own Christmas tree piñata too! 

Cardboard (I used thin project boards)
Crepe streamers & metallic tissue paper
Glue Stick (I like Elemer's X-treme)
Hot glue

1. Create the cardboard base pieces for your pinata. You will need 1 square bottom piece, and 4 triangle pieces for the sides. I used a ruler and pencil to help create my shapes. My bottom piece was a 14 inch square, and the 4 side triangles were 14 inches at the base and 28 inches tall. Cut out all of your pieces, and make sure to cut a little opening door on one of your side pieces if you want to fill your piñata with goodies.

xmas pinata 3.png

2. Tape 3 of your side pieces to the bottom base. You can use any type of tape you want, but I used scotch tape to make sure it was a little easier to bust open. Once you have 3 sides taped to the square base, use hot glue to attach the twine to inside top of the pinata. You may also want to glue a tiny piece of twine to the little side door. Finish taping the last side on, making sure to leave your twine sticking out of the top. 

3. Cut your crepe paper streamers into long strips, layer them on top of one another, and cut into them to create the fringe. Start adding the fringe to the base of the pinata first. Starting at the bottom, use your glue stick to run a line along the width of the base. Glue on the crepe paper fringe you created, trim the overhanging paper to expose the pinata shape, and repeat the steps working you way up. You will want to space the rows of fringe about 1/2" apart. 

4. Following the same method for applying the fringe in step 3, continue adding fringe to two opposite sides of the pinata. To create the metallic fringe, unfold your stack of foil tissue once or twice  and cut strips to a similar width as your crepe streamers. Cut into each stack of metallic strips to create the fringe, just as you did with the crepe streamers. Peel apart the metallic fringe pieces and follow the fringe application process from step 3. The metallic foil tissue has a tendency to want to curl and stick to itself, so you may have to experiment a little bit to get it to cooperate. 

These pinatas are happily displayed in their own corner of my living room, fully illuminated with string lights and surrounded by ornaments. I absolutely love the way they turned out, and even though they are really pretty, I am actually super excited to break them open!