Happy Easter 2016

Hey party people! I'm just stopping in to say Happy Easter, and to apologize for being MIA lately. I haven't been posting much, and my shop has been on vacation due to the huge move I made back in February. I moved from Washington state to Austin, Texas for an amazing creative director position with GFLN. I have been very happy since I've moved, but I'm trying to find a nice balance between a full time job and blogging/creating for Wear The Canvas. 

That's enough about me though. Let's talk about these amazing egg pinatas. I went to a Mexican bakery last week, and I instantly gravitated towards the piles of colorfully painted eggs. I had never seen these before and knew I had to get my hands on them. 

The eggs came in a giant egg crate for only $5! Each egg is filled with colorful confetti and is lined with tissue paper over the bottom hole. They are perfect for throwing at your friends, cracking over heads, or even just as decoration.

I think these eggs would make a perfect addition to any party, not just for Easter! What do you think of these pinata eggs? Have you ever seen them before?