How To Make Miniature Taco Appetizers

With Cinco de Mayo only a few short days away, there's not better time for me to share this recipe for miniature taco appetizers. Not that I need a reason to share a taco recipe. I mean, who doesn't love to eat tacos any day of the year? I like to think of this post as more of an excuse to take a day and do nothing but eat a huge amount of cute baby tacos. It just so happens to double as the perfect post for the upcoming holiday.

You can serve these miniature tacos on a platter as is, or you can fancy them up by serving them on top of limes like I did. Either way they taste great! If you decide to serve them on top of the limes I would recommend eating them right away, as the lime juice can cause the taco shell to get a bit soggy if they sit for too long. 

Before diving into the recipe I want to mention that there are various flavors and ingredients you can use to create these tacos. It really just depends on your preference. My version is vegetarian, but you can easily add meat. I must say though, I did get quite a few compliments from my carnivorous friends, so meat may not be necessary. Now, on to the fun part!

4 Tortillas
• 1/2 cup shredded cheese
• 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes
• 6 Green Onion
1/4 cup cilantro
Bunch of limes

Take a rack out of the oven and place it on top of two bowls to elevate it. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. While you're waiting for the oven to preheat, cut small rounds out of the soft tortillas. You can use a cookie cutter, edge of a cup, or a knife.

Brush the tortillas with water to make them soft. Place them on a plate in a single layer with a wet paper towel between each layer of tortillas. Microwave for 10 to 15 seconds until they are warm and pliable. Drape each tortilla over the wires of the oven rack, making sure to work quickly. Bake for 5 minutes, or until golden and crunchy. Remove from the oven and allow to cool completely.

Finely dice the green onion and cherry tomatoes. Wash and dry the cilantro, and remove the stems.  Start filling your tacos in this order - cheese, green onion, tomatoes, cilantro. Top with a tiny bit of lime juice and a hint of salt.  

Optional: To serve the tacos on top of limes, cut 4 sides off of the limes to make them more of a square shape. Take a toothpick and gently stick it down the center of the taco, making sure to not spill the stuffing or crack the shell. You may find it useful to twist the toothpick through the shell. Once you have the toothpick through the entire taco, stick it into the lime. 

Now it's time to chow down! Tell me what you think about these mini tacos. Would you make these for a party? Comment below and tell me what you think!