DIY Rainbow Patch Crew Socks

rainbow patch sock 3.jpg

I'm going to let you in on a little secret... I am addicted to cute socks. I can't even tell you how many pairs of both novelty and plain socks I own. And don't even get me started on tights! So, needless to say, this DIY has been so much fun to think about and make. The best part about these DIY socks though, is that they took less than 5 minutes to make! Find the full how-to below. 

Crew socks
Mini patches (I got mine here)
Straight pins

1. Try on your crew socks and mark where you want your patches to go with a straight pin.

2. Take your socks off and make sure that the patches are placed evenly on both socks when laid flat. 

3. Warm your iron up to the settings specified for your patches. Once the iron is hot, carefully press it down on top of your patch, working with one sock at a time. After about 20 seconds, lift up the iron to see if the patch is attached. If it is not, continue to press down firmly with your iron for 20 second increments. 

4. Repeat step 3 with the other sock, and allow both to sit for 24 hours before wearing. 

These socks are definitely going to be my new favorite spring accessory. I already know they look good with heels, and think they would look equally as cute with sneakers!