#WTCwalls :: Black & Neon Mural

I am so exited to be posting about this mural! It is one of my favorite walls here in Austin, and this post has actually been in the works for a while. It took me so long to post about it because until recently I have not been able to take pictures that would do it justice.

I found this wall in a parking lot on East 6th Street and Pedernales Street. There are lots of small shops and local restaurants around, so finding it empty enough for pictures can make it a hit or miss photo op location. But even when it's full of cars, the bright funky shapes are really eye catching. 

                              Jacket: Boohoo, Skirt: Forever 21, Shoes: Kelly & Katie

I also need to give a quick shout out to my sequin jacket, which is to be honest, is the real show winner of this post. The colors match with the mural so well I can hardly handle it! I'm also really digging how it looks with my metallic silver skirt.