How To: Unique Birdcage Veil DIY

I am so thrilled to finally be sharing my DIY birdcage veil with you today! I originally shared it as a guest post over on BespokeBride.  They have one of my favorite Instagram accounts, and their entire website is a bride-to-be's dream come true! I was so pumped when they asked me to contribute, and was even more excited to create a tutorial for something I would not normally make. Keep on reading below to see the full details on the veil I created for them: 

Netting or tulle
Hair comb clip
Needle & thread
Tape measure

Step 1: Wrap the ribbon around the base of your hair comb, and sew into place.
Step 2: Decide how long and wide you want the netting of your veil to be. You can do this by wrapping it around your head, or looking up common veil lengths. Keep in mind that the netting will be gathered to fit the comb. This means the length will be a tiny bit shorter with the gathers, and the wider the netting, the fuller the veil will be. Once you have decided what size you would like, cut your netting to those measurements. I decided to cut my netting 36” wide by 16” tall.  

Step 3: Fold your tulle in half so the two shorter sides are laying over one another. Use a measuring tape to create a diagonal shape on the top corners of your netting. Cut the corners at an angle using the measuring tape as a cutting line. When you are done cutting through both sides, unfold your fabric. You should now have a piece that looks like a rectangle with its two top corners cut off. 

Step 4: Starting at the bottom of one cut off corner, run a gathering stitch along the top edge of the fabric until you reach the bottom of the other cut of corner. Gather the netting so that it is the same size as your hair comb. 

Step 5: Smooth out the gathers on the netting to your liking, and sew to the comb. 

Step 6: Use a needle and thread to attached the feathers to your comb and netting. Sewing through the hard, middle section of the feather helps them to stand up in place, and gives them a sturdier hold. 

These birdcage veils are perfect for the unconventional bride, don’t you think? Plus, they can be customized in a variety of ways. Use French veiling for a more structured look, or create a softer style using tulle. Choose a bright color of netting for an original feel, or keep it more traditional in white. You can also swap out the feathers for flowers, crystals, or lace. The possibilities are truly endless!