Retro Diner Photo Shoot - Shake Shake Shake

A few weeks ago I collaborated with an awesome group of women to create this cute retro-inspired photo shoot.  We used this charming little diner called Shake Shake Shake as the backdrop. It ended up being the perfect location, and not just because they have the most amazing fries around! I put together three different looks for this shoot, which you can read more about below. 

                                                                   Dress: Vintage; Cardigan: Forever 21; Hair Scarf:

The first look I put together was inspired by the bold colors found inside the diner. The retro white and red polka dot sheath dress went perfectly with the hair scarf, and the pop of teal from the cardigan  added a unique feel to the outfit. It also really tied the look together with the decor in the diner. 

                             Top: Moon Collection; Skirt: Wear The Canvas; Shoes: Nine & Company; Purse: Shop Jeen 

This second look was actually a back-up outfit I brought along with me just in case the others didn't flow well. I am really happy we ended up using it though, because I really love the jeweled collar blouse, and the skirt I handmade to have a retro feel. 

                                                                                             Dress: Everly; Necklace: Perry Street

The third look is the one I initially came up with when I saw the location where we would be taking the photos. I thought the pink color of the dress would be a great contrast against the teal and orange decor. I used the navy color of the polka dots, and the blue and teal necklace to help tie the look together with the surroundings.  The dress also has an adorable peplum skirt on it, which was giving off a cool retro vibe. 

I hand selected the photos I liked the most to share here with my followers, but if you are interested in seeing the whole photo set, you can head over to the photographer's website to check them out. 

Photographer: Amanda O'Neill
Style: Me (Jené Sigl)
Hair/Makeup: Katie Kerpan
Model: Anita Mwiruki